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Wishing you all the best for 2011

Happy New Year

Heres wishing all our customers a fantasic 2011, and looking forward to revealing the new Miradesign soon ūüėČ


Welcome Indian Zara and Leggy Jade

Last sites to be completed before our break.



Both indian escorts are based in London

Both are template sites, and we hope reflect our diversity.


Bradford Escort April

A new direction for us with our DIY sites, Indpendent escort April from Bradford, has chosen a wordpress based site, enabling her access to unlimited theme options. http://www.escortapril.co.uk/


Recently completed websites

London Escort Camille http://www.camillelondon.com/

Edinburgh Escort Jewel http://www.edinburghjewel.co.uk/

Kent Escort Sensual Sophie http://www.sensualsophie.com

Glasgow Escort Hannah http://www.hedonistic-hannah.co.uk


Fake escort agency audition warning

This scam has been going many years, and it seems unfortunatley, people are still falling for it, as please remeber there simple tips to help avoid things like this

  • No respectable agency will request an audition
  • Any respectable agency wll be more than happy to give you contact details and meet on your terms.
  • ¬†Remeber the golden rule of No Money No Honey
  • And based on this, if it sounds too good to be true….

This was first posted on Punternet and recreated here.

Scam Alert to all girls.
ESPECIALLY new to the industry or in a vulnerable position.

2pm got a call from a guy claiming to work for an agency.
Said his name was Michael
This guy was very well spoken used both flattery and displayed a extensive use of the English language.
He had no accent that I could make out, but did speak very posh, every word was spoken properly with full pronunciation .

Said that the agency he worked for supplied girls to rich businessmen and musicians, etc.
And that the agency was looking for a few girls like myself to come on board and work with them.
Security was tight because these clients did not want kiss and tell stories in the newspaper.
Also said that the client doesn’t pay the girl the agency does.
Clients pay up to and over 100,000 a year membership to this agency, and they are selective.
All clients are vetted and must submit a medical check every quarter.
All girls had to have an interview.

When asked how the girls got paid. He said, An agent from the company would meet the girl before the job to hand over her cash.
BUT, That was after you were a part of the company, the interview you got paid afterward and before your first job.
You were to meet said financial agent on the top floor of the hotel so as to not attract attention in the lobby.

When asked how much the girls got paid, he replied anywhere from £500 to £30,000 a night.

Was then told that it was not a scam and also that they would get a girl from the agency to call and chat .

2:30pm – call comes in from a girl named Bonnie, who claimed to work for this agency.
This girl had an American/Canadian accent and claimed she was from Vancouver.
Now All questions were answered in a methodical manner she was very good this woman.
Claimed to be on tour with a band at present .
Stated that again all clients submitted a medical if any were found to have anything their membership to this place was revoked.
There were 3 categories 1st was normal everything covered which you were paid £500 Р£1,000 for the hour depending.
2nd was A level which meant you would do standard stuff but all unprotected. And were paid up to £3,000 per hour.
3rd was A+1 and that meant anything went, such as watersports on you, client tying you up, Domination. Double penetration. Etc but this was paid £5,000 per hour.

Overnight appointments lasted 6 hours that gave you a grand total of £30,000 in a night.

She had never had any problems with clients no violent punters and NO DRUGS either her or her clients.

Worked when she wanted , could either work at home or travel internationally

Asked about her interview to which she said… she had three male escorts in a hotel room and all of them had her at the same time. It was something of a speciality of hers.


As was sex with the client,

The interview was paid for by the company both for your time at your normal rates and for the male escorts time.
(They have both on staff)

So hangs up after chatting with bonnie and waits for her to contact them and let them know your ok with things.

3pm gets a call from another male with the company asking about services .
This male had a very distinct Irish accent , and was just there to get what services you were comfortable doing and what you weren’t.
Asks to speak to another escort as was allowed to talk to as many as I wanted.
Requests a London based escort as living in the UK want to know from a UK based escort.
No problem finishes taking details and hangs up.

3:15pm phone rings and a UK based escort tells me similar things to the first.
Did sound a bit drugged up, and did mention that before she worked for this company she had a profile on adult work.

3:30 pm Michael calls back again explains everything again and wants to know if I am satisfied that this is not a scam.
Then asks how soon did I want to work, and could I do an appointment that evening.
Agrees and starts to get ready.
Calls to confirm that I am ok to do interview and job after it.. Then says client will pay for 2 hours but wants a submissive secretary. To be paid at £5000 per hour so £10,000 total

Given two lines that client want saying.
I would do anything MR x to get my job back.
And I want your cock in my mouth and whatever comes out I want you to watch me swallow.
These two lines were to be said at both interview and to the client.
The interview was to be a mock run of the actual event
Gets called every 20 mins to check how things are coming.

5pm ready and in car on way to Heathrow airport only then do I get told the destination
Holiday Inn at junction 4 at Heathrow airport.
Gets there at 8pm due to traffic.

Male escort met on 6th floor gets to room, forgo saying lines immediately and ask a few questions.
Was told by him that he got into it through a friend and that he went through the whole process.

Gets down to the appointment.
Was filmed giving a BJ for about 5mins.

Then was put on the bed and mouthfucked till I was sick.
He was told to stop several times which he did but went straight back to it after a few mins.
Throat was really sore and tonsils were displaced.
Had unprotected vaginal sex for about 2 mins maybe 6/8 thrusts in total
Then back to mouth fucking.
Came in mouth.
Spat in mouth several times not sure why really (managed to roll it off the tongue
Then proceeded to piss into my mouth.

The whole thing lasted 25 mins if that.
Washed up a little and he went his way after a little chat and I went to top floor to collect my money for that job and the next.

Sat on 10th floor for 15mins. Before phone rang at 8:45 Michael again, was everything ok etc,
Guy with money should be on his way up now and then call cuts out.

No more calls after that waited 15 more mins just to be sure.
Paid for parking and left.

Called police on way home.

CPS won’t prosecute because of those two lines that were said, they have me, and all defence has to say was those lines were me consenting.

Are looking into the scam though.

All was done from withheld numbers.


Want to be a male escort?

Many men think it would be great to start working as male escorts, quite what the fetish is with humping Anne Wydecombe all night is something few people could ever understand, but be warned many “escort agencies” targeting male escorts, are not what they seem, the usual scam is to charge a registration/assessment/insurance/security fee, payable into a bank account, and then you will get details of your date, its often sold with some urgency along the lines of ‚Äúwell the booking is for tomorrow, so pay now to secure it‚ÄĚ of course, once you have paid, the booking never materialises, and you‚Äôre a few hundred pounds out of pocket! Nice work if you can get it, unfortunately this is an every growing problem and many of these scammers are listed here http://www.saafe.info/scamblog/

Just remember the golden rule, NO employment agency charges you an upfront fee.

While escorting for many men is unlikely to happen, and ever increasing niche is appearing for male performers on webcam, while I appreciate the main client base here is the gay market, some females do view them, and for the performer, i.e. you, it doesn’t matter who is viewing your cam as your getting paid, you do not see the viewer, so a tip from Jane here, just pop a £50 note above your monitor and when your performing, imagine more and more of those appearing. Failing that, im sure you can use your imagination lol.

Want to get started in webcams? Click below and get earning


Earn from your adult website while you sleep

When producing an adult website, I have found one of the best ways of encouraging visitors to stay is with interactivity, the best tool I have found for that is live webcams, the link below pays you $40 per sign up or an on going 30% revenue share, I have now been using them for several years to help pay for the set up of other sites.


Adultwork alternative

Im often asked if i know of any alternatives to adultwork by people who are looking to corner new markets, one i have been testing personaly for a while is FindAnAmateur.com

The only downside i have found so far is they pay in $`s which means i incurr a small charge from my bank, but the site is very easy to use, and brings in work and sales


Domain name privacy

This is an often overlooked issue, but one of vital importance from an escort point of view


When you register a domain name, your details are stored by the registra and are publicly available, you can obtain this information by way of a whois. The WHOIS system originated as a method that system administrators could use to look up information to contact other IP address or domain name owners  (almost like a Phone book)


An example whois look up result is here

Whois Record

        Dns Admin
        Google Inc.
        Please contact  1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
         Mountain View CA 94043
         +1.6502530000 Fax: +1.6506188571

    Domain Name: google.com

        Registrar Name: Markmonitor.com
        Registrar Whois: whois.markmonitor.com
        Registrar Homepage: http://www.markmonitor.com



There are many freely available online tools to do this search, so as you can appreciate, anybody can see who owns the domain, so what can you do about it?


The first is to use false information, except the problem with that is its illegal, and if found out, you run the risk of having your domain name suspended, not such a good idea if you have spent months or years building up a recognisable brand


Second, for .co.uk domains, is to use the privacy opt out facility, granted by Nominet (the people that manage UK domains)

This will allow you to hide your address, but not your name, but their rules are very strict, one of them is you can only use it for private individuals, and as being an escort is a profession you don’t qualify, again many ladies take this option, but if Nominet get wind of it, they will remove that hidden status leaving all your details on show


Third option is to use a Domain registrant privacy service, this is probably the easiest and most reliable, what happens is although the domain is yours, you pay a company to use their details in place of yours, there are many of these services available, 2 we have used in the past are supplied by godaddy.com and 123-reg.co.uk. At Miradesign we now also offer a domain privacy registration service, including forwarding any paperwork in a plain brown envelope to an address of your choosing if so desired


If you are interested in that service, please contact us for more information



Free escort site


These come in various guises and all have merits and pitfalls, for all of them the main merit is, cost and many will let you edit the site yourselves, but as the old saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch, so here im just posting a few of the pitfalls of a free escort website

The domain name

I have covered this in an earlier topic, so wont really go over it again, just to mention many sites come with domain names like yourname.somefreesite.com, not exactly very memorable is it? Some ‚Äúfree‚ÄĚ sites let you buy your own domain name, but then charge a vastly inflated price for the privilege

The kindly webmaster

Somebody gets a web design programme, sees the rates an escort charges and decides they want a part of it, but they have nothing to show how good or bad they are, so they will approach you, chat rooms are a common place for this one, offering you a free website so they can build up their portfolio, great, so they register your domain and put a site together for you, then they start touting for others, except you need changes, which is perfectly understandable, so you email them requesting it, at first no problem, after a few months he is busy with other things, or the football season has started, so the changes take longer and longer, after all they are bored with it, and its not like your paying, eventually the webmaster becomes un contactable, and your stuck with an out of date site that’s worthless

The 3rd party DIY site

These have exploded in popularity recently and there are a couple devoted just for escorts, the idea is you pick an off the shelf template, add your words and pictures and bobs your mothers brother you have your own site, you want to change the words or pictures, no problem, you can do that, except being a template, with only certain editable regions it looks like so many more, difficult to sell individuality if your just a clone.
Some of these suppliers do not allow adult content, or do at first and then change their terms, and just throw you off, again because they are ‚Äúfree‚ÄĚ you have no recourse, and you have to kiss all your hard work goodbye, a very recent example of this is Microsoft Live, so its not just the unknown companies that do it.
Then there is the flash based templates they look good and usually offer more flexibility due to flash, but cant be read by search engines, which means relying on directories, link exchanges and word of mouth to advertise, looking at the stats last month, this site had over 40,000 hits from Google, so its not something to be sniffed at

The advertising

Another often overlooked problem with many ‚Äúfree‚ÄĚ sites is advertising, even a free site, costs somebody money, development costs, hosting costs, maintenance, costs they all mount up and have to be paid for, this is usually by having adverts on your site, fine, just bare in mind, you don‚Äôt have any control over these adverts, what if they don‚Äôt suit you, advertising fur coats, when you‚Äôre a vegan for example, or big garish flashing porn banners, going to look a bit tacky, especially when marketing yourself as a High class escort .

Now this is not to put you off a free escort website, just to remember that nothing in life is really free, and to bear these points in mind when taking one up



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