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“Your site isn’t in the top ten of Google for your chosen keywords” so the email told me, it then goes on to offer to rectify the situation for $99.99 plus the most complicated pricing structure for extras i have ever seen,
but before you start to panic and throw good money away lets get some understanding of what keywords are.

The meaning of keywords in this context, is the way of describing what a user is searching for, which relates to the email above,

for example you may have found this site by looking for “website design” they are what is meant by keywords.

According to that email, my chosen keywords are not bringing results, well im sorry but I don’t believe in telepathy, so how could they possibly know what my keywords are in the first place, so lets not write a cheque just yet, a good site designer will work with you to identify your key words, and write your site accordingly


So whats this here page rank then?

first thing i was asked by a client yesterday, then she asked me if i would like a coffee, ok so about as back to front as something i would do, but it still got me thinking how best is page rank explained

so here it is in as few words as possible, my slant on page rank:

With over 22 billion webpages on the web right now  (yes i counted them :) ) google felt they needed a way to decide importance hence page rank was born,
if you think of page rank as a vote system and every link to your site as a vote, thats essentialy the pagerank system in action, ie the more pages voting for your site, the more important you are in googles eyes, there is also the fact thatthe more important (higher pr) of the site linking to you, decides how important that vote is for you

as well as bragging about how important google thinks your site is, another reason for pagerank is the fact it is one of the deciding factors of where your positioned in search engines, so next time you think of link exchanges, keep google pagerank in mind



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