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Links and link exchanges

Often when your listing your site somewhere, one thing your asked is to put a link back to them on your site, another common request is to link exchange, where they will place your link on their site and in return, you display theirs on yours

“Hmmmm” I hear you thinking, “that’s ok, but why would I want to promote other sites on mine” and it is indeed a good question, and also there is a good answer hence the article, Search engines love this kind of mutual linking more commonly known as reciprocal linking to help gauge your popularity

Google amongst others use a special link analysis system to rank web pages amongst their other systems, so the more links you have pointing at you the higher you rank, which is why despite the worries its ok to promote other sites

Another benefit of this scheme is it also works for the directories benefit, which helps them get higher, as they get higher, your more likely to be spotted on there, and around it goes

“Ok” you say “lets get linking”

Before you go rushing off to dominate the world with back links a few things you may wish to consider

  • Are the links relevant? Just linking to random site can actually bring the value of the links down, so try and keep them relevant for your site
  • Where is your link going to be placed on their site? Some webmasters have page after page of links so yours will never be found
  • And how many links are too many? If yours is one of say 400 is it really serving any purpose, the higher up a page you are the more it will be considered a valid link

There is also the problem of doing the link exchange then a few months down the line, your link disappears off their site, so your link back is one way, again highly valued by search engines, but why should you help them, if they wont help you, so be prepared to site down for a while every month or so and check all your back links