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Mobile phones


A lady contacted me the other day rather confused, she said that somebody could visit her site but not see anything when he arrived, and could she list her services etc, after a long chat it was established that he was a visitor to the area, and could not access her site on the hotel computer, the site was being viewed on a mobile phone, and with the combination of many different additions that had been made the content was unreadable, so it poses the question is your site mobi compatible?

An easy way of seeing how your site displays on mobile phones is to use one of the many mobile phone browser emulators, I have listed some below so you can try it yourself

If you discover your site will not display properly, what are your options?
the most obvious one is to rebuild the site but in many cases that is impractical, so an easier solution is to create a mobi website and place a link on your main site, that way visitors will have a choice as to which site to display

A mobi site is designed to display on smaller screens and also contains less information to help with loading times, at miradesign we tend to create just four pages:

  • The index page, which details your location
  • The about page, which tells a little about you, we tend just to add stats, age, size, and services you do/do not offer
  • The rates page, which details your rates
  • The contact page, self explanatory, but just has your email, phone number and times of contact

We tend to use a small different picture on each page rather than a gallery, and our feed back has always been positive

So with the amount of travellers who now use mobiles rather than hotel computers, maybe its time to think mobi

  • dotMobi Online Emulator – mTLD has an online emulator that you can use to quickly see what your site will look like on a common phone
  • Nokia Browser Simulator – this simulator simulates a generic Nokia phone and WAP gateway
  • Openwave Phone Simulator – Openwave’s browser simulator
  • Opera Mini Simulator – simulates Opera’s popular J2ME browser
  • BlackBerry Simulator – multiple different BlackBerry simulators
  • Yospace SmartPhone Emulator – an emulator that can display multiple phone instances at the same time
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