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Wishing you all the best for 2011

Happy New Year

Heres wishing all our customers a fantasic 2011, and looking forward to revealing the new Miradesign soon 😉


Adultwork alternative

Im often asked if i know of any alternatives to adultwork by people who are looking to corner new markets, one i have been testing personaly for a while is FindAnAmateur.com

The only downside i have found so far is they pay in $`s which means i incurr a small charge from my bank, but the site is very easy to use, and brings in work and sales


Free escort site


These come in various guises and all have merits and pitfalls, for all of them the main merit is, cost and many will let you edit the site yourselves, but as the old saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch, so here im just posting a few of the pitfalls of a free escort website

The domain name

I have covered this in an earlier topic, so wont really go over it again, just to mention many sites come with domain names like yourname.somefreesite.com, not exactly very memorable is it? Some “free” sites let you buy your own domain name, but then charge a vastly inflated price for the privilege

The kindly webmaster

Somebody gets a web design programme, sees the rates an escort charges and decides they want a part of it, but they have nothing to show how good or bad they are, so they will approach you, chat rooms are a common place for this one, offering you a free website so they can build up their portfolio, great, so they register your domain and put a site together for you, then they start touting for others, except you need changes, which is perfectly understandable, so you email them requesting it, at first no problem, after a few months he is busy with other things, or the football season has started, so the changes take longer and longer, after all they are bored with it, and its not like your paying, eventually the webmaster becomes un contactable, and your stuck with an out of date site that’s worthless

The 3rd party DIY site

These have exploded in popularity recently and there are a couple devoted just for escorts, the idea is you pick an off the shelf template, add your words and pictures and bobs your mothers brother you have your own site, you want to change the words or pictures, no problem, you can do that, except being a template, with only certain editable regions it looks like so many more, difficult to sell individuality if your just a clone.
Some of these suppliers do not allow adult content, or do at first and then change their terms, and just throw you off, again because they are “free” you have no recourse, and you have to kiss all your hard work goodbye, a very recent example of this is Microsoft Live, so its not just the unknown companies that do it.
Then there is the flash based templates they look good and usually offer more flexibility due to flash, but cant be read by search engines, which means relying on directories, link exchanges and word of mouth to advertise, looking at the stats last month, this site had over 40,000 hits from Google, so its not something to be sniffed at

The advertising

Another often overlooked problem with many “free” sites is advertising, even a free site, costs somebody money, development costs, hosting costs, maintenance, costs they all mount up and have to be paid for, this is usually by having adverts on your site, fine, just bare in mind, you don’t have any control over these adverts, what if they don’t suit you, advertising fur coats, when you’re a vegan for example, or big garish flashing porn banners, going to look a bit tacky, especially when marketing yourself as a High class escort .

Now this is not to put you off a free escort website, just to remember that nothing in life is really free, and to bear these points in mind when taking one up




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