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Domain name privacy

This is an often overlooked issue, but one of vital importance from an escort point of view


When you register a domain name, your details are stored by the registra and are publicly available, you can obtain this information by way of a whois. The WHOIS system originated as a method that system administrators could use to look up information to contact other IP address or domain name owners  (almost like a Phone book)


An example whois look up result is here

Whois Record

        Dns Admin
        Google Inc.
        Please contact  1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
         Mountain View CA 94043
         +1.6502530000 Fax: +1.6506188571

    Domain Name: google.com

        Registrar Name: Markmonitor.com
        Registrar Whois: whois.markmonitor.com
        Registrar Homepage: http://www.markmonitor.com



There are many freely available online tools to do this search, so as you can appreciate, anybody can see who owns the domain, so what can you do about it?


The first is to use false information, except the problem with that is its illegal, and if found out, you run the risk of having your domain name suspended, not such a good idea if you have spent months or years building up a recognisable brand


Second, for .co.uk domains, is to use the privacy opt out facility, granted by Nominet (the people that manage UK domains)

This will allow you to hide your address, but not your name, but their rules are very strict, one of them is you can only use it for private individuals, and as being an escort is a profession you don’t qualify, again many ladies take this option, but if Nominet get wind of it, they will remove that hidden status leaving all your details on show


Third option is to use a Domain registrant privacy service, this is probably the easiest and most reliable, what happens is although the domain is yours, you pay a company to use their details in place of yours, there are many of these services available, 2 we have used in the past are supplied by godaddy.com and 123-reg.co.uk. At Miradesign we now also offer a domain privacy registration service, including forwarding any paperwork in a plain brown envelope to an address of your choosing if so desired


If you are interested in that service, please contact us for more information


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