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Want to be a male escort?

Many men think it would be great to start working as male escorts, quite what the fetish is with humping Anne Wydecombe all night is something few people could ever understand, but be warned many “escort agencies” targeting male escorts, are not what they seem, the usual scam is to charge a registration/assessment/insurance/security fee, payable into a bank account, and then you will get details of your date, its often sold with some urgency along the lines of “well the booking is for tomorrow, so pay now to secure it” of course, once you have paid, the booking never materialises, and you’re a few hundred pounds out of pocket! Nice work if you can get it, unfortunately this is an every growing problem and many of these scammers are listed here http://www.saafe.info/scamblog/

Just remember the golden rule, NO employment agency charges you an upfront fee.

While escorting for many men is unlikely to happen, and ever increasing niche is appearing for male performers on webcam, while I appreciate the main client base here is the gay market, some females do view them, and for the performer, i.e. you, it doesn’t matter who is viewing your cam as your getting paid, you do not see the viewer, so a tip from Jane here, just pop a £50 note above your monitor and when your performing, imagine more and more of those appearing. Failing that, im sure you can use your imagination lol.

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